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Yes You Can! Diet Plan: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

There are many people who want to be able to lose weight quickly themselves. Some people even want to lose weight when they don’t give up their favorite food. Hundreds of diet plans have been born to meet the needs of people to lose weight, improve health, and maintain a beautiful figure.

The Yes You Can diet plan is a very special diet plan with a completely different working method. What is this diet plan? What advantages and disadvantages does it have? Are you suitable for it or not? And does it work? Let’s find out our sharing about this diet in the article below. You will find the answer you want to know!

What Is “Yes You Can Diet” Plan?

The “Yes You Can Diet” plan is a diet plan that mainly uses dietary supplements and meal replacement shakes. Supplements found in there are likely to provide your body with enough nutrients and still aid in weight loss.

This diet plan was created by Alejandro Chaban in 2012. He founded the company with his diet plan after successfully losing 73 kg using his own methods.

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Complementary or alternative products are often clinically proven to be safe. If you want to join in this particular diet, you can purchase the products individually according to your needs or purchase them in a bundle.

Although effective for rapid weight loss, this plan still has some limitations. You will have to spend more money on this diet than on other diet plans. Mainly, the cost of buying dietary supplements is not cheap.

“Transform Kit: On The Go 60” is considered the most popular bundle of this diet. It includes ecstasy and supplements that need to be taken within 30 days. You can clearly see it through the items below:

Complete Meal Replacement

Meal replacement is a fortified powder for making shakes. The inside of this replacement product will include 2 canisters with 30 replacement servings.

Each serving provides 21 essential vitamins and minerals, and 20 grams of dairy-based protein helps your body get all the nutrients it needs. Each pack contains 200 calories, from which you can tailor your calorie needs for the day.

Slim Down

According to the website and promotional information provided by the supplier, this product burns more calories and increases the amount of energy you receive. The product includes 30 capsules containing caffeine, green tea extract, L-carnitine, and other substances.

Appetite Support

This product is advertised as making you feel better, but it will work to help you reduce hunger. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of food you eat when using this product.

The product also includes 30 capsules containing hunger-reducing amino acids, several herbs, and chromium.


Like the name of the product, they contain collagen to maintain the elasticity of the skin. In addition, the product is effective in improving the condition of the nails and the hair becomes stronger.

This product also includes 30 capsules containing collagen, a blend of essential vitamins and minerals.

Colon Optimizer

Using Colon Optimizer helps you prevent bloating and gas. It supplies herbs and probiotics, your digestive system will be better. The key ingredients in this product also strongly support a healthy gut.

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The product includes 30 capsules.

Nutrition Guide

This diet plan also provides nutritional guidance to give you a better direction with a safe and effective route. It is a book about lifestyle and essential nutrition. When you read this guide, you will know what to eat at what time and in what quantity.

Heart Band

Heart Band is like a small reminder for you. It is a heart-shaped bracelet. According to the instructions, you can wear it on your hand to enjoy its wonderful effects.

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How Do You Follow “Yes You Can Diet”?

“Yes You Can Diet” works by using supplementary shakes to replace some of the main daily meals. The meals of the day also need to be divided equally into certain time periods. There are many recommendations that you should follow the Traffic Light Diet with the remaining meals (meal not replaced).

To implement a diet plan, you will face many difficulties. You need to pay attention to the following:

Meal Replacement Shakes

Yes You Can’s daily meal replacement shakes will be high in protein but low in calories. Each serving of meal replacement powder will contain 200 calories, including 20 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fat.

You can see that the fat content in this meal replacement shake is very low. In addition, the calories at 200 are also quite a lot less than a normal main meal. Therefore, the use of powder shakes can support weight loss by restricting daily calories.

Many studies have shown meal replacement drinks to be effective for weight loss. Many people have participated and got good results. However, there are no specific studies on the Yes You Can diet.

And according to another review, compared with a traditional low-calorie diet, dieters who use daily meal replacement shakes or other meal replacement beverages can lose more, from 7 to 8% of their body weight.

Use dietary supplements

The Yes You Can plan is advertised that “help you through your transformation” with supplements. Each type of dietary supplement will promote its own use. However, they focus mainly on boosting your metabolism.

In addition, it also works to restore skin and hair, improve intestinal health, limit hunger to support weight loss. The manufacturer recommends these supplements be used daily for maximum effectiveness.

There is no in-depth scientific research on the supplements mentioned above. However, some of their key ingredients still have some additional research, typically the green tea extract in Slim Down. According to research, this substance will help your body maintain weight and lose weight significantly.

Follow the Traffic Light diet

For remaining meals and snacks, The Yes You Can diet also follows a portion-controlled Traffic Light Diet to help you lose weight more effectively.

Traffic Light is a diet that has been around since the 1970s. This diet has effectively reduced the rate of children suffering from obesity. Although the Traffic Light diet is effective for children in practice, it has not been proven effective in adults.

A Traffic Light diet is like a traffic light signal. It includes many foods divided into 3 main categories:

  • Red light foods: Red foods are the ones you need to avoid. For example, fast food, fried foods high in fat, soft drinks or cereal desserts, …
  • Yellow light foods: Yellow will contain foods you can eat depending on the time. You should not use them too much or constantly. These foods include eggs, dairy products, refined grains, etc.
  • Green light foods: Like the green lights in traffic signals, blue contains foods you can eat regularly. Green includes most vegetables and fruits, fish, lean meat, poultry, whole grains, etc.

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Does “Yes You Can Diet” Really Work?

There are quite a few studies related to this plan, so many people question Yes You Can is effective or not. However, most studies show that meal replacement shakes can help you lose weight.

Reducing calories intake in your daily meals will create a calorie deficit and burn excess fat. Supplements will keep you full for longer with less food. It also promotes a solid metabolism to burn off excess substances.

Many experiments have taken place to prove the effectiveness of Yes You Can. A 12-week study has shown that an average person can lose 5 kg with 2 Complete Meal Replacement shake meals per day. Another 16-week study showed better results. Participants lost an average of 11 kg when restricting calories and using 2 meal replacement shakes per day.

The implementation of Yes You Can definitely face many difficulties when there are too many types of food around. However, you must be persistent to achieve good results in the shortest time.

Benefits of “Yes You Can Diet”

The Yes You Can plan can help you lose weight, that’s for sure. However, supplements and light diets also offer a number of other benefits to the body. Let’s look at the unexpected benefits that this diet brings to you.

Convenient and portable

Unlike many other diets, the Yes You Can Diet does not require complicated cooking or processing. Alternative shakes only require you to add water and are very easy to prepare. It is especially convenient and effective for people with busy lifestyles.

The Yes You Can products, including shake powder and dietary supplements, are extremely compact. You can purchase directly on the website and receive it at home. Moving and carrying daily meals will no longer be a challenge for you.

Complete Meal Replacement is not only convenient in life but also convenient for you to plan meals on busy days. From there, it will create a healthy habit for you that improves health and better body condition.

Provide 21 essential vitamins and minerals

Due to the limited use of certain foods, a lack of nutrients is inevitable with many diets. However, Yes You Can is a completely different diet. You will add more minerals and vitamins to your body when you follow this plan.

Yes You Can meal replacement shakes provide protein, healthy carbohydrates, and more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals to help your body work effectively. It includes nutrients many people lack, like iron and vitamin D.

However, these substitutes are not all-powerful. The shake meal lacks some essential nutrients like potassium and calcium. One serving of powdered shake contains only 8% of the RDI for calcium and 2% for potassium. Therefore, you need to supplement these two nutrients in your non-replacement meals by increasing your intake of foods rich in calcium and potassium.

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Drawbacks Of “Yes You Can Diet”

Beside the advantages of weight loss and intestinal support, the Yes You Can diet can promote healthy hair and nails. This diet plan also has some problems that are considered disadvantages you need to be aware of. Sometimes it will be hard for you to follow and you do not find useful advice during the whole process. The fact that meal replacements can not compare to real wholesome food.

Below are several disadvantages that you should consider:

Be difficult to stick to

This plan has a lot of limitations. Not only you must use meal replacement shakes, but you must also limit foods on the Traffic Light diet for the rest of your meals.

With so many limitations, food selection will be quite tricky. You’ll probably have to give up some of your favorite foods, even if they’re healthy, like mangoes and bananas.

In addition, many study participants found this meal replacement regimen difficult to adhere to. The reason is not only limited to the food, but it is also quite expensive. You will have to spend a relatively large amount of money to buy meal replacement shakes and supplements.

Processed products may not be good for your health

Sometimes the refining of certain products is not a good choice for the body. Many nutritionists always encourage us to use fresh, minimally processed products. However, this diet plan uses mainly supplements and highly processed dietary supplements.

These supplements are not bad for the body, but they are not the best choice for overall health. Although the essential nutrients are fortified, it is not comparable to the nutrients found in healthy foods.

Fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes contain plant compounds that help reduce the risk of disease in humans. Sometimes it contains compounds that cannot be produced by processing.

Coaches may not have any formal training

Warning to consumers to be careful when buying Yes You Can and receiving instructions. These supplements are multi-level marketing to the market. It means that the trainers will buy the products at a discounted price and resell them directly to you. Perhaps they do not really understand the product to give instructions and advice.

You need to be extra careful when buying as there is no guarantee that the company has trained the sales coaches. Even if they’ve attended training, there’s nothing to prove they’re qualified to give advice. If the instructions are wrong, you could have health problems.

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3-Day Meal Sample For “Yes You Can Diet” Plan

When you follow the Yes You Can diet plan, you must have a clear eating plan. According to the plan that the provider instructs, you should have 5 meals in a day. The time between meals should be evenly spaced.

Shakes will replace one or two of your main meals of the day with Complete Meal Replacement. Meanwhile, the main meal and the remaining snacks must follow the principles of the Traffic Light diet.

If you are still confused when you do not know how to build a Yes You Can diet plan, you can refer to the sample below. This sample plan will include a menu of meals for 3 days. You can rely on it to develop a plan for more days.

Day 1


  • 1 serving shake Complete Meal Replacement
  • 1 Slim Down
  • 1 tablet of Appetite Support
  • 1 capsule Colon Optimizer
  • 1 capsule of Collagen

AM snacks:

A small handful seeds of the sunflower


Chicken fajitas, bell peppers and 2 flour tortillas

PM snacks:

Healthy tuna salad with celery sticks


1 serving of Complete Meal Replacement shake

Day 2


  • 1 serving shake Complete Meal Replacement
  • 1 Slim Down
  • 1 tablet of Appetite Support
  • 1 capsule Colon Optimizer
  • 1 capsule of Collagen

AM snacks:

A small portion of spicy almonds sprinkled with chili powder


1 serving of a Complete Meal Replacement shake

PM snacks:

Cucumber chicken salad bites


Garlic shrimp stir fry

Day 3


  • 1 omelet
  • 1 whole-wheat English muffin
  • 1 Slim Down
  • 1 tablet of Appetite Support
  • 1 capsule Colon Optimizer
  • 1 capsule of Collagen

AM snacks:

A little mix of nuts and seeds


1 serving Complete Meal Replacement shake

PM snacks:

Lettuce leaves wrap sandwich with turkey and tomato slices


1 serving Complete Meal Replacement shake


You can consider Yes You Can Diet Plan as an effective weight-loss choice in hundreds of diet plans. It not only supports you to lose weight quickly but also improves a number of health problems. Supplements help support a faster metabolism, increasing the resilience of the gut, hair, and nails. This diet also gives you the convenience of quickly and conveniently adding essential nutrients.

However, you need to face some challenges if you follow this plan for a long time. Not to mention the high cost of buying supplements, the food you are allowed to use is also very limited.

There are currently no formal scientific studies on Yes You Can nor its scientific effectiveness. From there, you will have many problems finding guidance and advice.

Although there are many difficulties, we cannot deny the weight loss effectiveness of this plan. If you feel that you are suitable for this diet, read our sharing above to make the weight loss process more effective. We hope this information is useful for you. Thanks for reading!

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