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7 of the Best Tropical Smoothie Flavors (Fan Favorite)

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Smoothies, especially fruit smoothies, are not only good for your physical health but it also has a huge impact on your mental health. Having a cup of tropical smoothie flavors will bring up your mood as well as healing your pain. Today, Kerri Ann Jenning will give you all the important information about Tropical Smoothie flavors as well as the recipes to make them.

Mango Magic

mango magic
Mango smoothies are very helpful for you and your loved ones! 

The very first one of our tropical smoothie flavors collection is the mango smoothie. Just like its bright and shiny color, mango smoothie has a variety of benefits for your health. Mango is rich in protective antioxidants, which will help you a lot in digestion as well as maintain healthy skin and hair. Not only that, mango also has a very natural sweet taste, this will immediately boost your mood. Just with a cup of mango smoothie, you will shine and shine! 

And here is the recipe for it. Let’s take a closer look! 


  • 1-2 frozen mangoes (around 24 ounces)
  • 1-2 bananas (preferred frozen for a chilled, creamy texture) 
  • Any milk of your choice (dairy, non-dairy, or even better, home-made nut milk – cashew, oat, almond, etc)
  • Yogurt – choose your favorite kind! For our recommendation, we believe greek yogurt adds the extra thickness. 


  • Step 1: If you used pre-frozen fruits, you can skip this step. Cut your fruits into smaller cubes. 
  • Step 2: Toss all your ingredients into a blender and blend until it reaches your desired consistency. I know – sounds too easy, right? But that’s all you need so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your treat!

Pomegranate Plunge

pomegranate plunge
Let’s have the best cup of pomegranate smoothie ever! 

The next tropical smoothie flavor recommendation for you is the fantastic pomegranate smoothie! According to many nutritionists and health studies, pomegranate is a superfood with amazingly good impacts on health. Some excellent health benefits can be mentioned such as providing antioxidants, vitamin C and Alzheimer’s disease protection. No wonder why pomegranate has been a traditional medicine for ages. 

For your information, pomegranate is also one of the secrets that helps Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of the Kardashians, keeping fit as well as staying young. This catching-eye red color is definitely a good way to relax: You only need one cup of pomegranate smoothie to chill after hours of intense working. 

How to make a fresh cup of pomegranate smoothie? Here are the answers! 


  • 2 cups of your favorite yogurt (non-fat, non-dairy, greek yogurt – there are endless options!) 
  • 2 cups of pomegranate juice (plain, no add-ins – so buy a fresh bottle, or even better, make it yourself!)
  • 2 bananas – cut into cubes.


Pomegranates are very important for each of you! 

  • Step 1: Unless you started with this, freeze your ingredients beforehand! This adds an excellent freshness to your drink.
  • Step 2: Combine yogurt, bananas and the juice using a blender. Once the smoothie is done to your liking, serve it in a tall, chilled glass. Enjoy!

Fab Pina Colada Smoothie

fab pina colada smoothie edited
And here it is, the star of summer! 

Here it is, a very special smoothie type in our tropical smoothie flavors collection – the Fab Pina Colada Smoothie! Once the summer comes and it is time for beaches, you have to try the famous Fab Pina Colada Smoothie. This iconic drink is the star of all summer parties and the perfect kickstart to an exciting and adventurous summer rendezvous. The explosive combination of pineapple, coconut and rum is a definite promise of absolute joy to your taste buds. One cup of Fab Pina Colada Smoothie threw alongside a shot of jazz will guarantee you a good time as it fires up the spirit of the party!

Take a look at the go-to recipe to make a famous Fab Pina Colada Smoothie to enjoy with your friends and family! 


  • 2 ounces of light or white rum
  • 11 and a half ounces of coconut cream
  • 11 and a half ounces of pineapple juice
  • One and a half ounces of lime juice (this exciting flavor would even be better if squeezed freshly)
  • For garnish, we suggest pineapple wedge of leaf.

In today’s edition, we will share with you two of the Fab Pina Colada Smoothies ! Enjoy summer with us! 


  • Step 1: Put rum, coconut cream and two juices into the shaker. Add ice.
  • Step 2: Shake! Don’t be shy, work the shaker around 20 to 30 seconds. 
  • Step 3: Strained through a coriander and poured over a glass filled with ice cubes.
  • Step 4: Garnish and immerse in the exciting flavor!

This drink also comes with a very special twist – an alcohol-free version that would be suitable for the whole family. This could serve as a classic side drink with breakfast or for every side meal of the day, when one sip could take you to a tropical beach with warm sun and gorgeous waves. 


Similar to the original version, but instead of rum, we add greek yogurt, banana and some protein powder. Quite nutrient-packed, isn’t it? 

And the interesting part doesn’t end there! You can choose a variety of toppings for garnish – cherries, toasted coconut, lime slices, you name it! Pick one for the team and enjoy it together!


Use a blender to combine all the listed ingredients and start blending! When it gets creamy enough, stop the machine and pour it out to a glass and top it with your preferred garnish. We hope you enjoy an even livelier version of this drink and share it with your family, friends,… have a good time

Some other Tropical Smoothie Cafe copycat recipes you can try at home with the same ingredients above

Wildberry Smoothie

wildberry smoothie 1024x1024
Wildberries are an amazing source of healthy benefits for you to try! 

Are you struggling with too many deadlines, work and study on workdays? Don’t worry, just a cup of wildberry smoothie will get you back to your productive track! As you all know, wild berries contain numerous health benefits, from preventing cancer, diabete, cardiovascular disease to increasing heart health. More than that, wildberry is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. 

So yes, as we have said before, whenever you feel tired and a little bit broke down, just get up, make yourself an icy cup of wildberries smoothie! We promise that you will see the difference immediately. With just a cup of wildberries smoothie, you will have a chance to get away from all the stress as well as worriedness, and get back to work! 

To make it much easier for you to follow, here is the recipe! 


  • 1 large cup of strawberries 
  • a half of cup of blackberries
  • a half of cup of raspberries
  • a half of cup of wild blueberries
  • 3 oz of berry yogurt, using low fat or fat free one will be better
  • some ice cubes


  • Step 1: Put all the blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and wild blueberries into a blender. 
  • Step 2: Next, add ice cubes and yogurt into it, then blend until it has a smooth form 
  • Step 3: Severe while it is still cool and fresh 

Acai Berry Boost (Banana Smoothie)

acai berry boost

Banana is a factor that cannot be missed in this tropical smoothie flavors collection, the life of every drink party. Insane lively flavors and, oh! Have I even told you about the absolutely shocking high levels of nutrients contained in 100 grams of banana? Each 100 grams contains 1.1g of protein, alongside 14% of vitamin C, 20% of vitamin B6 and 6% Magnesium over your total daily value? This means one intake covers one fifth of your daily need of vitamin B6 – the protector of your metabolism and central nervous system. All these amazing health benefits are gained and contain just 89 calories. Having a banana smoothie does amazing to start your new day or to recharge your energy after working tirelessly. 

It only takes you exactly 5 minutes to make a perfectly delicious cup of banana smoothie! Let’s take a look at the smoothie recipe! 


  • 2 or 3 bananas: Using ripe ones will make a better taste
  • Half of an orange 
  • A half of cup of Plain/ Greek yogurt
  • A cup of water
  • Some ice cubes


  • Step 1: Freezing bananas overnight:

Yo need to chop all the bananas into small pieces, then store it in a clean bowl and let it chill overnight (or 3 to 4 hours if you don’t have enough time) 

  • Step 2: 

Put all the frozen bananas and half of an orange into a blender. Then pour in water with some cubes of ice, blen until it has a smooth texture. 

  • Step 3: 

Serve when it is still fresh and cool. 

Jetty Punch (Strawberries & Banana)

jetty punch 1024x682

Arriving late at this tropical smoothie flavors collection is the strawberry banana smoothie, but wait! Don’t go anywhere, because this drink has a blooming potential. 

Strawberry is considered in many cultures as a superfruit, because it has only 33 calories in 100 grams of fruit but covers 97% of your daily value of vitamin C! How insane is that? Accompanied with banana, this smoothie delivers excellent flavors – quite the party to your taste buds; and gives superb health value – isn’t this killing two birds with one stone?

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer by checking out the recipe below. 


  • 2 cups of fresh strawberries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • a half of cup of Greek yogurt
  • a half of cup of milk
  • some ice cubes


  • Step 1: Prepare the fruits

Cut all the strawberries in halves. Then cut the banana into quarters.

  • Step 2: 

Put all the strawberries, banana, Greek yogurt and milk into a blender. Then, blend until it is smooth and thick. For a better taste, you can add some ice into it too.

  • Step 3: 

Serve when it is still cool and fresh. 

Beach Bum (Chocolate Banana Smoothie)

beach bum 1024x683

Ending the list of tropical smoothie flavors collection with an all-time favorite, a classic, timeless combination: chocolate banana. 

Is there anyone who can even say no to this drink? Because apparently, this is the bestseller in all American smoothie bars. 

The exciting sweetness of chocolate and the comfortable taste of banana is like the most reassuring hug – it’s like coming home. One hearty cup is enough to re-energize oneself – relieving stress; releasing endorphins. Happiness truly is in a cup of this smoothie. 


  • Bananas: Using 4 ripe bananas, frozen overnight 
  • A half of cup of milk 
  • 2 tbsps of cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp of honey 


  • Step 1: Prepare your fruits

First, you need to freeze your bananas for at least 4 or 5 hours. We highly recommend you put them in a fridge overnight. Once the bananas are ready, you have to cut or chop them into three or four pieces. 

  • Step 2: Blend

Put all the ingredients, including bananas, milk and cocoa powder into a blender then blend them until they are all combined together. If you want a taste that is just like the one you have drank in a restaurant, you can add some ice cubes into the blender too! Once the mixture is thick, creamy and smooth, it is time for you to know that your smoothie is ready! 

  • Step 3: Serve

Serve when it is still cool and fresh! You can top it with some whipped cream if you like!

You can make all smoothie above or order now on Tropical Smoothie Menu


And that is all the essential information about Tropical Smoothie flavors and tropical flavors! With our detailed sharing, from its benefits to how you should make it, Kerri Ann Jennings hopes that you can enjoy a fresh cup of your own Tropical Smoothie Cafe recipes! If you find our sharing helpful and interesting, it will be a pleasure if you share it with your friends and your loved ones.

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