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Smoothie vs Shake: What’s Your Choice?

For the best result in losing weight, you should know what is the difference between smoothie vs shake, the two most famous and must-know drinks when you decide to try any type of diet. After that, you might know which type of drink is the one that fits you and your daily diet most.

Differences between shakes and smoothies

To find the drink that fits you and your body as well as personal taste, you must know all the difference between smoothie vs shake, from texture to the protein that each of it has. Now, let’s get started! 

Warning: Since all of our articles are heading to a better health and lifestyle, all the smoothie vs shake in this article are made from health-friendly ingredients. This will also help reader have a better view of these two types of drinks

Base and Texture

The very first thing that makes smoothie vs shake different from each other is the base of it. While shakes usually have a creamier texture, smoothies are commonly seen as a lighter drink.

Shakes are commonly made with much healthier ingredients than ice cream. Some healthy and low in calories ingredients that we can mention are frozen bananas, avocados, and coconut milk. They are some of the most frequently used ingredients to add the richness into the shake.

The second thing that makes smoothie vs shake different, in our opinion, is the texture. The texture of smoothie will be typically creamy and thick because those amazing smoothies include the purée of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit, specifically frozen fruit, might add the thickness to the smoothie without always adding cream.

Shakes are often made with milk, coconut milk, or yogurt as the liquid base, while smoothies are typically made with water or almond milk as the liquid base.

Protein Content

Yes, and here is the most important thing that separates smoothie vs shake: the amount of protein in smoothie vs shake!

Smoothies might include a significant amount of protein or none at all. Most smoothie ingredients are dedicated to fruits and veggies, with the addition of hemp seeds or nut butter. These ingredients will boost the level of protein in each type of drink.

Shakes are often supplemented with whey powder or any other kind of other protein powder. This gives the dish a creamy texture and helps you feel full for a longer period of time. Shakes are often created to be used as a meal replacement, allowing for a more thorough nutritional ratio. If you are a gymer or trying to be a gymer, shake will be one of the best friends that you cannot miss in daily intake.

Although it is possible to boost the protein content of a smoothie by adding protein powder, doing so is not always recommended, according to some nutritionists. With just a few simple ingredients, it would be easy to transform your green smoothie into a green protein drink.

Flavor Combinations

Another factor to recognise smoothie vs shake is the flavor. Smoothie vs shake – each of them has a very different taste.

When it comes with smoothies, lots of people will immediately think of a bright and colorful drink. To have that signature color, you have to use some colorful fruits, which can be mentioned as strawberries, kiwi or other sweet fruits. A very special thing about smoothies is that you can combine two, or maybe more than two types of fruits together. For example, strawberry- kiwi, mango-pineapple, orange-berry and tons of other fresh fruits.

If you are having an idea of picking up a cup of green smoothie, here are some options for you: Kale, romaine lettuce, cucumber, celery!

However, shakes are kinda a bad choice if you are trying to lose weight. While smoothies are made from healthy ingredients, shakes are likely to be based on fatty ingredients. To be specific, shakes, even which are made from whey or protein powder, still include flavors, from vanilla, chocolate to caramel or peanut butter. And even if it is not made from whey powder, they still get their thickness and are creamy by fatty ingredients like avocado or coconut milk.

Which is better: Shakes or smoothies?

When it comes to pre-workout drinks, a smoothie will probably pop up in your mind. Smoothies are mostly made of fruits and some other veggies, just a small amount of those healthy foods would be excellent.

Smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables, in our opinion, would be high in carbs. This is just like a source of energy that helps your body use throughout a hard workout. Carbohydrates are digested quickly and easily in comparison to fat and protein.

After an exercise, shakes with a high protein content are preferred.

It is critical for you to pick your post-workout meal correctly since muscle healing is mainly dependent on protein. Drinking shakes, which include carbohydrates as well, is the greatest way to guarantee that you get the most out of your exercise.

You should definitely use a shake or follow a smoothie recipe that is high in fat and protein if you want to substitute a meal.

It is common for most people to have a smoothie made out of strawberries, spinach, and almond milk. But then, the problem is, they would wonder why they are still hungry 30 minutes later.

Think about smoothies in the same manner that you wouldn’t eat a bowl of strawberries and expect it to keep you going all day.

By including protein powder, nut butter, or hemp seeds into your smoothie, you may bring it up to almost the same nutritional level as your favorite shake.

Should you make your own smoothie vs shake?

Yes, the answer is absolutely YES! Please remember that smoothie vs shake, or anything else will always be healthier than some green drink that you buy while waiting for a cab. Making your own smoothie vs shake has various benefits, from tracking your calories regularly to using the freshest ingredients in town.

What to choose at a Restaurant or Smoothie Bar?

Always check that when buying a smoothie or a shake that whether you are receiving a natural product that does not include any added sugar or not. You can tell if your drink is healthy or not by asking the following questions:

  • Does the recipe contain any ice cream or frozen yogurt in the recipe?
  • Is the frozen fruit fresh and clean?
  • Is there any syrup to add taste or color to my drink?
  • Can I see the nutrition facts of this drink?

And those are some frequently asked questions when people come to a smoothie bar that you might wanna know. There is a small tip that Kerri Ann Jennings wants to share with you is that ordering a cup of drink that has fewer than 45 grams of carbs and the lowest sugar level. Things that make you feel sweet in those drinks should be made from fruits, and just fruits!


And that’s all the information that we want to share with you about smoothie vs shake and the differences between them. With our sharing, we hope that you can find the drink that suits you most. If you find our sharing helpful and interesting, please share it with your friends, family and your loved ones.

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