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Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Keto For Women Over 50

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When people, especially women, become 50 years old, there will be lots of transformation in their bodies naturally. It is said that women will find their hormones changing, and this will lead to difficulties in building muscles as well as staying fit. But don’t worry, we have found a solution for this – the Keto diet. In this article, Kerri Ann Jennings will give you everything you need to know about the Keto for women over 50

Why is it hard to lose weight at 50? 

keto plan for women over 50

First thing first, it is quite common that everyone has been asking why it is so difficult to lose weight at the age of 50s. This one is naturally coming from the middle age hormonal changes. 

When women get older, their estrogen levels will naturally reduce over time. Once they hit the menopause process, the estrogen levels plummet, and that is the main reason why you would find it hard to keep fit.

Changing hormones not only creates difficulties in getting fit but is also the main reason for muscle loss. The muscle decrease starts in the middle of the forties, then it just slowly appears in women’s bodies for the rest of their lives. Apart from the fact that it is more difficult to gain muscle beyond the age of 50, the muscles naturally lose volume as women grow older as well.

And yes, just like you think, losing weight at the age of 50 or more is also tricky and difficult. And this one will probably go to the reason for slowing metabolism, even though there are lots of controversial discussions that losing weight depends on the hormonal imbalance. Metabolisms, according to some studies, will slow down when we become our thirties, and that is also the reason why at the age of fifty and more, it is much more difficult to stay satiated and keep fit. 

Does Keto work for women at 50?

How does the Keto for women over 50 work? There has been a huge amount of research done to support the usefulness of the Ketogenic diet for women over 50, but most of it has not been focused on its effectiveness for weight loss. The Ketogenic diet has been highly recommended by researchers and even physicians for the treatment of numerous disorders and conditions, but only a small amount of scientific study has examined its impact on weight reduction. (1)

It’s important to note that there is a large amount of circumstantial evidence to suggest that a ketogenic diet may help you lose weight, even though you are woman over 50. And that’s why we highly recommend you to try the Keto for women over 50

The Keto diet works by this simple process. When you reduce your carbohydrate intake and maintain a state of ketogenesis, your body will automatically switch from burning carbohydrates to burning fat as its major energy source. As long as you are also maintaining a caloric deficit while following a ketogenic diet, your fat reserves will be the predominant source of fuel rather than carbs, resulting in significant weight reduction.

Therefore, many individuals that are struggling to lose that ugly extra fat discover that a Ketogenic diet is quite effective in preparing their bodies to draw energy from their fat stores. Like we just said, Keto saves the day! 

According to research published in the Journal of Women’s Health, keto for women over 50 is both medically beneficial, and it may assist in the elimination of weight gain. Over 65 women participated in the research, with an average age of 54 years. A 12-week study found that 60 percent of the subjects dropped at least 10 percent of their body weight while following a rigorous keto and eating at a caloric deficit.

These reasons above are mainly why you should take a Keto diet for women at the age of 50. 

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Is Keto harmful to women’s hormones? 

keto diet for women over 50

Despite the magnificent health benefits of Keto, there are still some controversial discussions about how Keto impacts on the Women’s Hormones. 

Well, unfortunately, studies reveal that low carb and high fat diet, which is a Keto diet, is one of those solutions for the hormonal imbalances in women. However, you should notice that some women who follow a Ketogenic diet have reported experiencing hormone changes as well as abnormalities as a result of their eating habits.

There is no evidence to support the claim that a low-carbohydrate diet is the main reason for these health concerns. But in a lot of surveys, many women over the age of 50 have discovered that a Ketogenic diet is the most effective way to overcome their difficulty to lose weight, which is often caused by decreasing estrogen levels.

In the event that you’re worried about a ketogenic diet and its influence on your hormone levels, you might consider contacting your doctor to get some advice before starting keto and again several months later to confirm any changes via blood testing. Keto for women over 50 is great, but we still recommend you to take some doctor’s advice before starting anything. 

What should a 50-year-old woman eat on a Keto Diet? 

Once you decide to follow the Keto diet, you should strictly follow its rules. The Keto diet is simply an eating method in which you eat food that is high in fat and low in carbs. 

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To be specific, here is a list of Keto food for Keto for women over 50. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we? 

Foods to eat during the Keto diet

  • Unprocessed meats, fresh meat: Meat should be preferred since they have less (or no) added carbohydrates.
  • Avoid fried fish as well as fried seafood due to the additional carbohydrates.
  • Eggs: Eggs may be cooked in any way you choose.
  • Vegetables Choose veggies that are grown above the ground level of the soil, for example potatoes, sweet potatoes,…
  • Dairy: You have to choose high-fat dairy products instead of low-fat alternatives, which typically include added sugar.
  • Nuts Nuts are a wonderful source of fat. However, they should not be consumed in excess.
  • Berries should be eaten in a moderated amount.

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Foods to not eat during the Keto diet: 

  • Sugar: You have to cut all the sugar intake in your diet during the Keto
  • Fruit: Fruits should be eaten in small amounts since they are sources of sugar. 
  • Beer and Alcohol: Beer and alcohol contain too many carbs as well as sugar, that is why you have to cut it from your daily diet during the Keto. 
  • Starches such as white bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. Starches are the main source of carbs, so you need to delete them from your daily food consumption as soon as possible after you decide to do the Keto diet.

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How women over 50 can make Keto work? 

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To get the best results, Kerri Ann Jenning gives you some advice for the Keto for women over 50. Many women at the age of 50 or more have succeeded in losing weight with Keto, and the next one is you! 

Follow a Healthy Keto Diet

keto after 50

First of all, your diet will have a huge influence on whether or not you lose the weight, gain the weight, or just simply maintain your present body weight and BMI levels. According to some experts, eating is the most important factor when it comes to keeping fit and being in shape. That is why you should start in the kitchen to get started on your amazing Keto trip!

To lose weight while following a ketogenic diet, all you have to do is restrict your carbohydrate intake, eat enough healthy fats, and consume enough protein to support muscle maintenance and even development.

Get enough fiber consumption! 

Another tip that we are giving to you is to contain enough fiber in your daily eating habit. Nutrients said that one woman at the age of 50 or so should have at least 20 grams of fiber every day. Fiber does not count in your net carb, so yes, high fiber foods are meaning the same with low carb food. 

Focus on healthy fats and protein

Rather than consuming your daily calories in carbohydrates at each meal, you should aim to eat your daily calories in healthy fats and protein instead of carbs.

Before rushing out to stock your refrigerator with bacon, low-carb cheese, and other fatty foods that you want, take notice of the term “healthy” that comes right along with the word “fats!” Trans fats are usually considered to be harmful, since they are the reason for raising bad cholesterol levels, causing weight gain, and causing a variety of other problems. Avoid saturated fats by choosing meals such as beef, avocado, nuts, and seeds that contain unsaturated fats.

Maintaining a protein intake of around 1-1.5 grams per 2 pounds of body weight is good for preventing muscle loss. Keeping your muscle mass is a healthy approach to burning fat in a natural manner.

Enjoy Leafy Greens

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Greens, in every type, are an amazing source of fiber. Greens, especially leafy greens are amazingly rich in vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants. That’s why you should contain as much leafy greens as possible in your daily diet. Some leafy greens can be mentioned as Kale, Spinach and Arugula. These veggies are great for Keto for women over 50!

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Get your blood pumping

keto diet plan for women over 50

Last but not least, getting your blood pumping is another essential thing you need to consider. Regular exercise or professional exercise types such as Yoga, swimming or gyming are very important. Women at the age of 50 or so should do exercise regularly to increase muscle mass, and this will stimulate their metabolism in a natural way.

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It is thought that losing weight is impossible at the age of 50 and more. But don’t worry, we all have known a new solution: Keto for women over 50! With our sharing, we hope that you could start your Keto diet perfectly and safely! If you find our information helpful, please share it with your friends and loved ones!

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