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3 Day Shredding Cutting Diet Plan PDF

Whether you’re at the gym or watching fitness videos, you’ve probably heard about the cutting diet and its numerous benefits. Then a slew of questions may arise in your mind: you don’t know where to begin implementing this diet or what foods to include in your meal plan. Understanding your confusion, Kerri Ann Jennings will introduce you to all of the information you require as well as a 3-day sample meal plan via cutting diet plan.

What is a cutting diet plan?

To define, cutting is a diet in which the goal is to reduce calorie intake and body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

What distinguishes a bodybuilding cutting diet from other fat loss diets is as follows:

  • Limited time-frame: The longest cutting diets last about 24 weeks, while the shortest last as little as 4 weeks. The most common length is between 12 and 16 weeks.
  • There is no room for deception: Cutting diets necessitate strict adherence. An unplanned cheat meal or cheat day can wreak havoc on your results when you’re on a tight schedule.
  • Rapid outcomes: A healthy rate of weight loss is defined as “gradually and steadily,” or 1-2 pounds per week. Following a cutting diet, on the other hand, may result in twice the healthy rate of weight loss, if not more, in some weeks.

Many non-bodybuilders are drawn to cutting diets because of the incredible results.

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How to follow a cutting diet plan?

Cutting diets are usually followed by competitive bodybuilders for 2–4 months. A cutting diet can be customized to meet the needs of the individual, but it is not a long-term diet.

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Before beginning a cutting diet, bodybuilders usually go through a bulking phase. To put it simply, bulking is the process of “bulking up” a person by combining a high-calorie, protein-rich diet with intense weightlifting. It is critical during this phase to consume more calories than the body requires to maintain its weight in order to use these extra calories to build new muscle. Creating a “caloric surplus” is what nutritionists and fitness professionals refer to. Bulking up usually results in weight gain from both fat and muscle.

The goal of the cutting phase is to lose the fat gained during the bulking phase while retaining as much muscle mass as possible. And it’s a little difficult for a beginner to follow at first.

Kerri Ann Jennings will provide you with some fantastic tips on how to follow this strict diet before moving on to the cutting diet plan.

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Determine Your Calorie Intake

The number of calories you should consume per day to lose weight is determined by your weight, height, lifestyle, gender, and level of exercise.

According to experts, women require approximately 2,000 calories per day to maintain their weight and 1,500 calories per week to lose 1 pound (0.45 kg). In terms of men, an average man requires approximately 2,500 calories to maintain his weight or 2,000 calories to lose the same amount.

For weight loss, a consistent, even rate of weight loss — such as 1 pound (0.45 kg) or 0.5–1 percent of your body weight per week — is best. But be careful! It’s possible that you’ll lose weight faster when decreasing your calorie intake even further, but you’ll also risk losing muscle.

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Determine Your Protein Consumption

On a cutting diet, it’s critical to get enough protein every day. Because protein is composed of amino acids, which serve as the foundation for nearly every cell in your body. As a result, protein is regarded as an essential nutrient, and if you don’t get enough through food, your body is forced to borrow amino acids from your muscles (your main protein storage form), which can result in a loss of important lean tissue and strength.

On a cutting diet, most studies suggest that 0.7–0.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight (1.6–2.0 grams per kg) are sufficient to preserve muscle mass.

Determine Your Fat Intake

“Fat” is the final macronutrient to consider. Because your body requires healthy fat to maintain the immune system, vital organs, good cholesterol levels, and the health of your skin and hair.

A variety of healthy fats will also help regulate your insulin levels and keep you feeling fuller after a meal than if you only ate carbohydrates and protein.

Because you’ll be cutting carbs, it’s a good idea to up the protein and fat in your evening meals.

What to expect in cutting diet plan?

Reducing caloric intake should create noticeable physique changes within a couple of weeks.

But you shouldn’t cut for more than one or two months, you will get problems like decreasing metabolic rate, muscle loss or yo-yo dieting.

In addition, you will often encounter 2 main conditions when following the Cutting diet plan, including increased hunger and decreased metabolism.

To overcome this, you should eat more lean proteins and vegetables because they are harder to convert to fat in your body and protein has a filling effect. Enjoy a variety of foods with more color (serve them on the plate). And lastly, don’t starve yourself.

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Sample cutting diet plan for 3 days

The formula for cutting

After you’ve got a sense of the cutting diet, we’ll walk you through the general recipe for all of your meals. All you have to do is remember this formula and apply it to your grocery shopping and meal preparation.

Breakfast: Starchy carbs, protein

Snack: Fats, protein

Lunch: Carbs, protein

Snack: Carbs, protein

Dinner: Fats, protein

Sample menu

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the above recipe; we’ve prepared a cutting diet plan for your three days of weight loss. In the table below, you can see which foods you should eat at meals and snacks, as well as how many calories you should consume each day. Please read the reference menu carefully and plan your own meals!

Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast 1 serving apple sage
3 turkey sausages
2 blueberry muffins
1 serving overnight mocha oats 1 cottage cheese and cantaloupe bowl
Snacks 1 serving greek yogurt hummus 1 serving grilled balsamic watermelon topped with cheese 2 baked cheeseburger bites
Lunch 1 serving tex-mex fajitas 2 serving jerk chicken breasts
1 cup of spicy black beans and quinoa
1 serving roasted cabbage steak
1 serving white chicken chili
Herb-roasted vegetables
Snacks 1 carrot cake shake 1 cup of elvis shake No-bake cocoa and 2 oats bars
Dinner Grilled shrimp skewers with ginger soy
1 serving cauliflower fried rice
1 serving crunchy avocado salad
1 serving slow-cooker barbecue pulled chicken
1 serving wilted spinach and tomato salad
1 serving cloud bread
1 serving broiled cod with charred tomatillo salsa
1 cup of rosemary beefsteak tomatoes
Coconut cayenne smashed sweet potatoes
Calories 1,410 1,360 1,336
Fat  34g 33g 38g
Carbs 128g 150g 117g
Protein  120g 161g 120g

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Shopping List 

In addition to Kerri Ann Jennings’s 3-day sample diet for cutting, you should include the foods in the list below when you are leaning down.

Proteins Starches Fruits and Veggies Other
– Large eggs
– Liquid egg
– White Greek yogurt
– Cottage cheese
– A whole chicken
– 99% lean ground turkey
– Medium shrimp
– Lean ground beef
– Tilapia and cod filets
– Pork tenderloin
– Cans of tuna
– Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
– Old-fashioned oats.
– Pre rinsed quinoa
– Basmati rice
– Brown rice
– Sweet potatoes
– Russet potatoes
– Chickpeas
– Pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling)
– Black beans
– Navel oranges
– White onions
– Broccoli
– Fresh baby spinach
– Chopped kale
– Cauliflower
– Cabbage
– Acorn squash
– Watermelon
– Cantaloupe
– Avocados
– Apples
– Zucchini
– Yellow squash
– Beefsteak
– Tomatoes
– Coconut oil
– Whey protein powder
– Powdered stevia
– Unflavored almond milk
– Almond flour powdered peanut butter,
– Low-sodium chicken broth
– Natural almond butter
– Unsweetened cocoa powder
– Jarred minced
– Garlic

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After reading this article, you should have a basic understanding of a cutting diet and build a good menu based on the cutting diet plan. Aside from its numerous advantages, it has the potential to cause you to crash your metabolism, lose lean muscle mass, or experience rebound weight gain. As a result, make certain that you strictly adhere to the instructions.

Kerri Ann Jennings hopes that you could accomplish this diet! And if you find this article helpful, please share it with your family and friends who need this.

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