Sample Menu for Carb Cycling Meal Plan PDF

Sample Menu for Carb Cycling Meal Plan PDF

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Anyone who has problems with weight will have anxiety and a desire to lose weight quickly. However, a lot of people apply carb cycling but are not able to complete and get the expected results. Then everyone will have to come up with a specific plan by creating a carb cycling meal plan pdf file, save and follow it every day. Understanding the needs of many people, Kerri Ann Jennings has provided the most specific and detailed instructions for creating PDF files that anyone can apply.

How to make Carb cycling meal plan pdf?

Step 1: Get your meal plan

If you want to start losing weight but don’t have a meal plan yet, look for a cycling carb calculator. Its role is to be able to help you figure out when and what to eat to lose weight or increase that muscle mass.

If your computer doesn’t have a specific meal plan, you’ll need to start researching foods and cooking your own meals. The general idea here is that you should try to incorporate not only your total calories per day but also how many calories you’ll get from each source.

Here are some edible ingredient options in each category to get you started: 

  • Protein: Choose good sources of protein that are found in safe and easy-to-find foods like spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, halibut and beans. The protein found in Greek yogurt, cashews, and teff (a gluten-free, slightly fatty cereal) are also acceptable options for your protein intake.
  • Carbohydrates: Look for ideal sources of carbohydrates in foods like: bread, some fruits, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats, bananas and blueberries. All of your carb sources should be minimally processed – pasta, alcohol, and sugar in moderation.
  • Fat: Not all fats are healthy, but find healthy foods including nuts, fish and chia seeds. Besides, cheese is also another good source of good fats. You can choose protein-rich foods with healthy fats like parmesan, romano, and gouda. Be wary of low-fat cheeses, as you want to get some fat out of them to keep that fat on your carb diet.

One thing you may notice when planning your meals is that certain foods provide a wide variety of macronutrients. For example, nuts and cheese provide protein and fat.

This makes them much easier to follow on a calorie-restricted diet, and you can expect to pretty much eat them over the course of your diet.

Remember, you don’t have to eat completely separate ingredients. For example, low-carb Indian food can deliver most of your nutrients in a tastier package.

carb cycling meal plan
Choose safe ingredients that are not harmful to the body

Step 2: Decide how many meals to have each day

Instead of choosing to go for 3 meals a day as usual, people can choose some carb cycling plans that schedule six meals. The main goal of these plans is to help you avoid overeating unnecessary fat.

This is supposed to be optional as long as you eat the right amount each day. Actually having three to six meals makes no real difference, but it’s worth doing as long as your daily schedule supports it. If the schedule doesn’t allow you to eat 6 meals, then eating 3 meals as usual will have no effect.

Step 3: Start planning variant meals

It can be really boring and frustrating to have just two different meal plans for a few weeks. Therefore, prepare a meal you are looking forward to rather than choosing a dish that is boring and does not want to eat.

For that reason, for your PDF, focus on creating a number of different ‘portions’ for each meal. Thereby do not eat according to the tradition that you can mix and match. For example, you could have oats and chia seeds for breakfast one day, then yogurt and bananas the next day.

It’s also important to remember to schedule your carb intake both before and after exercise. Your carbohydrate intake affects your body’s ability to exercise, and then you don’t want to experience a lack of sustained energy during exercise. So plan accordingly based on how active each person is.

If you’re a smoker, it’s important to quit early to be effective. Otherwise, you may end up quitting your entire diet. Similarly, people looking to lose weight should also have variations of their meal plans for both low carb and high carb days.

The best way is to try to avoid eating the same thing more than once every three days. This provides enough variety in your diet to satisfy your taste buds while helping to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

carb cycling plan
Start planning variant meals to have a scientific dining facility

Step 4: Put your plan together in a pdf

When everyone is done, plan all of their meals and get ready to start with them. This is also the time when you have to put everything together. There are many ways one can save a PDF file after planning. You can initially save the web page to create a PDF file in a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

As you work through this, consider how you’d like to access your PDF package throughout the week. Many people like to save plans to their computer or smartphone. But if you do print the document, you can add a few useful features.

The most notable of these sites is a form-fillable field. You can create them directly in programs like Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word. Alternatively, you can create blank “boards” that you can write on after you print out your plan.

Everyone can make a note of their own words of encouragement as follows. Regularly skipping meals offers psychological rewards as you work toward your goals, and anything that makes dieting easier is in my books.

When starting to do something, ask yourself how to get the most useful plan for each person’s needs. You can limit yourself to just printing out one schedule, but the more detailed your plan is, the more it can help you get things done.

Step 5: Add tracking information

Once you have been cycling carbs for 2-3 weeks, you should control your weight to see how much weight you will lose each week. Weight loss tends to slow down once you’ve reached a certain level, so you shouldn’t expect the same rate of fat loss forever.

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Sometimes people can be very discouraged when looking at the weight is still not changing as expected. Instead of just waiting for the right time to see results, start recording your weight at the beginning of each week. Also, keep it as a running tally of your eating schedule. This way, every time you look at that metric, you’ll be reminded of your progress and how the plan has helped you succeed.

Step 6: Add rewards

Having a long-term goal to lose weight is essential for anyone. Cycling should only be done to achieve a specific goal, but staying motivated for several weeks in a row can be challenging even with rest periods. This is where the smaller rewards come into play.

There won’t be exactly which rewards should be used because different people like different things. However, there are two general principles that everyone should follow:

  • The first rule is that there will be no food-based rewards. Everything that does not go according to the plan that we have set out will affect the final result or even fail.
  • The second is to choose the actual experience that will be better than everything. For example, instead of buying a phone to stay informed, treat yourself to a short adventure, especially if it sounds interesting.

Develop good habits for a great list of potential rewards here. You should strive for at least one reward per week for successfully following the diet, with a big reward at the end. If you plan on dieting for more than four weeks, you should also have a better bonus somewhere around the midpoint.

The main idea here is that there is always a goal close by. That way, instead of working eight weeks for one big reward, you can work one week per week for eight moderate rewards. It’s always easier to keep going when you’re rewarded regularly.

Remember, rewards don’t have to be expensive, they’re not really rewarding if they bust your budget. Many fun experiences are low-cost or even free.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what to give yourself rewards, you can try the following to stay motivated:

  • Buy tickets to a unique art performance or local festivals
  • Take your friends or family for a free museum tour
  • Allow yourself to watch a comedy show online or on TV
  • Move things around to create a clean and quiet area in your home
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Hiking with loved ones
  • Swim
  • Call a friend and talk to them for a while

This is also an important part that people should not overlook in your plan. All carb cycling meal plan PDF that you save should have a clear goal at the end, as well as a reminder that you must stick to the plan in order to receive your rewards.

Step 7: Start saving your variants

Having come this far, you may have too much information to keep on one page. The ideal weekly plan is only one page long, the purpose is to let you see everything at a glance. Instead of having multiple pages to print, organize your weekly plan in a different file. To make it easier to remember and implement, give each item a separate title to get a clear schedule to follow.

Start saving your variants to avoid being lost

Step 8: Make backups

No technology can hold and last forever but losing your diet plan due to computer failure makes the situation worse making it more difficult for you to lose weight. So people need to be careful about saving copies of their PDF files to a flash drive or some form of online storage.

A great option you have is to work with Google Docs, due to their system having absolute redundancy. That way, no matter what, you still have access to your carb cycling meal plan.

Sample 12 week carb cycling meal plan pdf

The following week-long carb meal plan shared as part of your 12-week routine can be applied. However, choose to eat wisely on high- and low-carb days and continue to adjust your plan based on the results you get after each week of implementation.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7



Baked eggs 

Raspberry frosty blended salad and strips of bacon

Spinach avocado and apple

Butter smoothie

Egg, cheese, and bacon omelet

Cinnamon flax shake

Nutrition facts

63.5g carbs, 19.6g fat, 14g protein, and 451 calories

1.2g carbs, 36.6g fat, 16.3 g protein, and 397 calories

41.6g carbs, 20.8g fat, 13.9g protein, and 383 calories

25.2g carbs, 26.7g fat and 4.3g protein, and 402 calories 

39.6g carbs, 9.6g fat, 52.8g protein, and 451 calories

1.9g carbs, 31.2g fat, 37.2g protein, and 448 calories

29.8g carbs, 15.5g fat, 53.7g protein, and 476 calories


Tuna sandwich

Cheddar cheese 

Banana and turkey lettuce roll-ups 


Celery and peanut butter 

Cinnamon flax shake

Carrot and hummus

Nutrition facts

27.2g carbs, 3.1g fat, 10.5g protein, 177 calories

0.8g carbs, 19.2g fat, 13.6g protein, and 230 calories

32.3g carbs, 3g fat, 19.6g protein, and 224 calories

1.2g carbs, 20.4g fat, 2.6g protein, and 196 calories

10.7g carbs, 16.2g fat, 8.6g protein, and 209 calories 

10.5g carbs, 7.8g fat, 26.8g protein, and 238 calories

22.4g carbs, 7.5g fat, 7.1g protein, and 175 calories


Spinach, ham, and pear salad 

Lettuce cucumber walnut salad

Ham sandwich 

Deli roast beef pepper and provolone lettuce wrap

Peanut butter stuffed dates 

Turkey lettuce cheese roll-ups 

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich 

Nutrition facts

53.2g carbs, 3.4g fat, 31.3g protein, and 341 calories

7.6g carbs, 30.9g fat, 10.4g protein, and 355 calories 

31.2g carbs, 14.7g fat, 23.4g protein, and 355 calories

6.8g carbs, 32.6 g fat, 32.6g protein, and 463 calories

74.3g carbs, 5.5g fat, 4.3g protein, and 329 calories

16.3g carbs, 16.7g fat, 25.2g protein, and 344 calories

41.7g carbs, 18.4g fat, 12.4g protein, and 371 calories


Chicken diane 

Bacon tuna salad

Butter chicken salad

Philly cheesesteak stuffed pepper

Crushed lentil soup

Zucchini Alfredo

Steak with tomato bean salad

Nutrition facts

10.9 carbs, 26 g fat, 58.7g protein, and 526 calories

23.2g carbs, 28.2g fat, 40.4g protein, and 515 calories

22.9g carbs, 20.9g fat, 65.1g protein, and 540 calories

7.3g carbs, 30.2g fat, 33.7g protein, and 442 calories

90.5g carbs, 8.9g fat, 21.7g protein, and 513 calories

8.3g carbs, 44.5g fat, 9.6g protein, and 469 calories

23.2g carbs, 21.8g fat, 45.1g protein, and 471 calories 

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you lose weight carb cycling?

The time to complete the weight loss goal when following the above method will depend on the body and metabolism of each person. You can then start to see the most dramatic changes in results in about 3-4 weeks. However, it takes about three months to feel a noticeable change in fat burning.

Can you carb cycle every other day?

Carb cycling is consistently rated by experiencers as a method of eating in which carbohydrate consumption varies between low and high intakes. With this method, people can be flexibly done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Nowadays, because cycling is quite tiring, people do not do it often, but alternating days seems to be the most popular format. You can also choose a bi-daily exception for some plans. Because doing so every other day seems to be the most popular option to keep the body from getting too tired. But if you want to get the best results, you should cycle carbs every day.

Do carb blockers really work?

The included carb blockers are supplements that prevent carbs from being digested. Because of this, it would theoretically allow people to completely eat some carbs without worrying about how many calories they’re taking in.

Some other studies also show that carb blockers can help with small amounts of weight loss. It also reduces cravings and, best of all, lowers blood sugar. However, the studies are not yet of sufficient quality to show whether carb blockers have any real long-term effects.

How many carbs is considered a high-carb day?

On days when choosing a high-carb diet, pay attention to the amount you eat. Each day should only let carbs account for about 45-50% of total daily calories, or about 175-180 grams of carbs per day is the best choice.

How many carbs should I eat on a low-carb day?

While there’s no strict definition of a low-carb diet, it does take into account. You can approximate that as a rule anything under 100–150 grams per day is generally considered low-carb. This amount is certainly a lot less than the standard Western diet. You can get great results in this carb range, as long as you take care to eat real, unprocessed foods.

When is the best time to eat carbs for weight loss?

In recent times, a study has observed and made the vision that your body burns carbs better in the morning and fat in the evening. This also means consuming carbs earlier in the day for optimal fat burning.

Documentation related to carb cycling meal plan pdf will definitely be essential for those who are in need of weight loss with this regimen. Please apply the information shared in the above article and follow it scientifically. Everyone who starts cycling also needs to persevere to the end and not give up halfway. Hopefully the things summarized in the article will help you find the best solution for yourself.

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