The Twittersphere (and probably the larger American world) is all abuzz with talk of what people will be eating this Sunday. Super Bowl parties are notorious for some not-so-healthy foods, like pizza and Buffalo wings. Nevertheless, it is possible to participate in this classic American experience without doing damage to your waistline.

While my first recommendation for curbing excess on Game Day is to make some healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods, it also might be handy to have a cheat sheet to help you decide the lesser of two evils.

I worked on this piece for EatingWell Magazine to help you figure out whether you should go for ribs or wings, tortilla chips or potato chips, guac or bean dip. Here's the skinny on the results—see the article for more details:

  • Go for wings over ribs—you get to eat more of them for fewer calories
  • Tortilla chips narrowly beat out potato chips for having less sodium, on average
  • Both guacamole and black bean dip have good qualities—just watch your portions
  • Mixed nuts deliver way more nutrition than pretzels, so they're a better bet.

Community question: What are your favorite Super Bowl recipes?

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