A series of snowstorms has me housebound and I've been reflecting on the importance of health. Everyone has different definitions of healthy and probably different motivations, too—wanting to look good, feel good, live long, etc. For me, being healthy isn't the ultimate goal. Good health is a gift—one that, in part, we give to ourselves. When you have it, it frees you to do other things. Being healthy allows me to pursue other interests and enjoy life without being hindered by physical limitations.

If I were to turn this into a resolution around health, I would say try to find the middle way. When you go to either extreme with eating—either being hyper consumed with what you can't and can eat, or being so negligent that what you eat takes a toll on your health—it gets in the way of living. Eat in a way that brings you joy. For me, cooking a meal and eating vegetables brings me pleasure, as does drinking hot chocolate and whole milk lattes, sharing a holiday meal with family or discovering a new bakery. I don't get obsessed with shoulds in eating and I eat in a way that feels good for my body, rather than following some sort of prescription for health.