Looking to lose weight, make peace with food or simply feel better, but not sure where to start?

With so much information on food out there, it can be hard to know who to listen to. What nutrition coaching does is to help you wade through general advice to find out a highly tailored and personalized approach that works for you.

You might not know it yet, but you are the person who best knows how to make the changes you need to make. How I can help is by listening to you. I can work with you to hear where you are right now, where you want to be and then help you identify a road map to achieve your goals. Together we'll make a plan that's realistic for your lifestyle and personality.

Want to dip a toe in the water before diving in? Start off by scheduling a free 15-minute phone call. We can discuss what's going on, what you've tried before and what you hope to achieve through nutrition coaching. I'll send you some followup information and if it seems like a good fit, we can go forward.

Services Offered

  • Individual counseling: Want to make a healthy lifestyle change? Whether you're looking to lose weight, develop a healthier relationship with food, or simply feel better, we can work together to figure out how to make the changes you want to make.
  • Phone/Skype counseling sessions: Not able to meet in person? We can arrange a session by phone or Skype.

Coaching Packages

3-Month Weight Loss Program

Ready to commit to reaching your happy weight? Through this 12-week program you'll learn permanent strategies for healthy eating and lasting weight loss. For the first four weeks, we’ll meet weekly to establish goals. Then we’ll meet biweekly for the next two months to check in on progress, identify challenges and create new goals as needed. Through nutrition coaching, we'll empower you to make lasting changes you can live with. Between sessions you'll have unlimited support via e-mail.

Month 1: 60-minute initial consultation + three 45-minute weekly follow-ups. Months 2 & 3: four 30-minute follow-ups. $685

Prenatal Nutrition Coaching

When you’re preparing to get pregnant and when you’re newly pregnant, you may be wondering how you can create the very best environment for your growing baby through the food you eat. Through this type of nutrition counseling, we’ll discuss the nutrients you and your baby need for optimum development and strategize ways to make your diet rich in these nutrients (while enjoyable and achievable).

60-minute initial assessment + 45-minute follow-up: $260

A la Carte Sessions 

New clients not ready to commit to a package plan may also sign up for a single initial assessment, which is a 1 hour session during which we'll discuss your health habits, any medical concerns, and future health goals. During this time, you can decide how

1-hour initial session: $175

45-minute follow-up session: $95

Package of two 45-minute follow-up sessions (discounted rate): $175

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